Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Shondale's 3rd

Wassup Moroccan community!

Today was fun. In the morning I took a city bus to the center square. I (sort of)got what I was looking for, as when I finally saw all the different types of fabric, there was just too much to choose from. So then I took the bus back to the hotel, just in time for a nice, cool shower and lunch. So I got a bonafide marriage proposal (finally!) from a toothless old man who was just sitting around, not in his own place of business. Great, toothless AND unemployed!

Tonight we went to a touristy place, which turned out to be really, really cheesy. They put on a good show, though, and I batted my eyes at one of the horsemen.

Tomorrow we're off to go further south. I can't wait!

Peace out.

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