Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The African Berber Drum Diaspora in Latin America

In putting together this video together I thought of the Diaspora of African Berbers in Latin America as a result of the Inquisition in Iberia. I know from reading the Inquisition records in Mexico that many Muslims, Jews, and Africans were burned for heresy and failing to convert to Catholicism. But, besides their religion many brought with them their music, food, culture, and language. ( On my next post I will discuss my mother's Jewish heritage and her knowledge of Ladino/Judezmo). So, in this video I am connecting my knowledge of Latin America to Africa to built and make connections that have been missed and forgotten because of our forged Spanish Identity/History. In reality, the Americas continues to be a place of great diversity and infusion of cultures, music, food, and language.