Saturday, July 4, 2009

A Koranic School

After our long journey across the Atlas Mountains we arrived at Quarzazate, known to the Berbers as Warzazat (the door to the desert). The next morning we got up early to tour the Kasbah of Toaurirt, and the local village. As we made our way through the village we heard these young students reciting a prayer, as we passed by the doorway they waved at us. Our tour guide called us toward the doorway, as we approached the doorway we saw some of them writing on the tablets, and others erasing their tablet and starting over.

As I looked up I noticed that we were in front of a Mosque, and to the right was this Koranic school. In this courtyard were a group of very young students reciting the Sura 4: An Nisa (The women) verses 1-18 of the Koran. It was a Koranic school that traditionally teaches the Koran, Islam, and the Arabic Language. These students have to master each Sura before they can move on the next Sura. In medieval times it was common to have Koranic schools attached to Mosques, they were known as A Madrassa or referred to as Medersas. I was impressed with the cooperative learning among the students and motivation to learn Arabic and the Koran. (Sorry but my connection is weak and battery about to give up).

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