Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Moroccan Macarena

Tuesday, July 14th
Recently, as I was winding down from a demanding day, I sat in the student lounge at the university. The television set was on. As I was sipping my evening tea, I followed the program. Suddenly, my eyes opened wide, as I saw three animated telephone calling cards dancing the Macarena. Did I just see this? Yes, a funny commercial was enticing new customers to try this digital product that would allow them to get in touch globally. But I couldn't prevent the rising corners of my mouth from forming a big smile, and then, an amused laugh escaped! Why the Macarena? Why not some hot belly-dancing? Was this another sign of globalization? Sure enough, the traditional Arabic news broadcast followed on Aljazeerha. The G8 summit was being covered, President Obama made the news, and so on.....but the Moroccan Macarena was definitely my favorite! Well done, marketing crew, you got me exactly were you want me.....thinking about my global access!

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