Friday, July 3, 2009

The Broken Bus

When the bus broke down, I was melting in the heat until we met our new friends.

Now, you might think a bus break down in the sweltering desert heat of the high Atlas Mountains might lead to a series of unfortunate events. It began to feel that way to me at first. But, things worked out through the gracious hospitality of a Berber family who didn’t live far away. The father walked up the hill to meet us and invited us into his home. We received a tour and met his family. His wife was very hospitable and sat us quickly in their family’s living area. This Berber family was wonderful and we were served traditional tea which tasted much better the restaurants we have visited. This secret ingredient we found out later was a pinch of thyme. While we enjoyed our tea, the wife began to cook us a meal over her open wood indoor stove we had observed during our tour. As we were talking outside, the wife appeared quickly with a table and a few low stools. Then, immediately followed with a platter of rabbit with onions along with flat bread she baked for us. Soon after, our bus had been repaired and we were summoned to return. But, not before we shared kisses and friendly Moroccan goodbyes to this family.

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