Thursday, July 29, 2010

What Did I Do Last Summer?

There are many things this trip has given me. This opportunity has given me new friendships, a sense of how multiple languages help navigate and make global connections, and it has allowed me to step outside of my world and see a new reality. However, what I have come to realize the most is that this trip has given me a desire to travel and experience more of the world. I started to think outside the box of career choices and the possibility of working outside my country. I don’t have to stay in the US to work; I could leave and give my children more life experiences than is possible when sitting in a classroom in the US. I thought to myself, “why not teach during the summer in another country?” I mean, what did I do last summer that was so exciting and life changing? I could not think of one thing. I know this summer I will never forget my travels to Morocco. How wonderful would it be to teach in a Spanish speaking country and allow my girls to be immersed in the culture and language? US schools don’t provide the cultural experiences and don’t emphasize language. I don’t want my girls to be trapped in a bubble of possibilities. I want them to think of opportunity as world wide not countrywide. So, may plan is from now on never to forget what I did last summer and make sure I travel abroad and give my children experiences outside their comfort zone. They are only 5 years old, how excited I am for them and myself.

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