Saturday, July 17, 2010

On a Personal Note

We have been on a tremendous journey. Today, we are headed to a wedding in Rabat. I am sure we will be amazed and in awe, yet again, of the experience we are undertaking. Along with the wonderful experiences we are all living each day, I finally began to feel homesick for the first time. Yes, it has been three weeks and it has just hit me; I miss my family. The funny thing is that it took me three weeks to get to this point. Personally, I have made such great connections with my colleagues that I started thinking of them as an extended family. They make me laugh, at times say off the wall things that make me wonder what the xo??xo?, keep me up when I am feeling emotional, and most of all they readjust when times are difficult.

The personal connections that I have created during this trip make it ok to miss my family for the moment. Cause the reality is that when I say good-by to this group I will feel the same way I feel about my family; missing their laughter, smiles, support and crazy comments.

I have realized some new things about myself over the past three weeks. First, I have found a new voice. I feel much more confidant about expressing my feelings and not worrying about how others might take the comment. That is not to say that I don’t care about others feelings. I have just learned to express myself without making others feel their comments or feelings are not as important or reasonable a mine(even if they are not…lol!) Second, I have realized that I can let go and let it “be what it be”. Having control of situations also means at time letting go of rigid thoughts, anger, and resentment. My motto is “it is what it is”. Last, being here has helped me focus more on the words I use when speaking with others. Words matter, so it matters what I say and how I use them. That is hard for me because I am such a spontaneous person and many times I am off the cuff with comments and expressions.

Everyone has grown from an experience like the one we are all undertaking. It has opened my eyes to love new languages, understand Africa in a new way, and to accept people in my circle that I normally would shun away. This experience has provided me the opportunity to view the next chapter of my life differently. Hopefully, many of the folks I met here will continue to be a part of my life and we can share again and again as we all continue our personal journey through life.

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