Sunday, July 11, 2010

Evening Reflections

We’ve experienced so much already on this trip, and we’ve really only just begun. I don’t think I can ever fully describe what I’ve seen or how I’m feeling.

The other night, I needed a little time by myself to try to process it all, so I walked out onto the terrace of our hotel. It was evening, and I watched the sun set slowly over the town. The green of the palm trees lining the river stood in stark contrast to the barren hills beyond. A neon sign blinked on and off in a pharmacist’s window, and the cars in the distance began to turn on their headlights.

Soon, the call to prayer began. At the same time, cheering rang out over the city. We’d seen groups of men gathered together to watch the world cup semi-finals, and some of my colleagues were huddled around the hotel’s television in communion with leagues of soccer fans worldwide. As a particularly exciting play occurred, my friends were part of the excitement that swept through the town of Dades.

I stood there, listening to the overlapping sounds of the prayers and the cheers. The sky darkened to an inky black. Slowly, slowly, I said goodbye to the night sky, turned, and went back inside.

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