Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Shondale's 2nd

Today we visited various sites around Marrakech. We ended up in the medina (old city), which is made up of a labrynth of seemingly hundreds of narrow streets, each one lined with shops and vendors eager to squeeze out our last dollars. I was mesmerized by all the colors and wares, and thus was scolded because I was making the group go slow because I was always behind. Mind you, this was our first real opportunity to experience what kinds of things are out there as well as pricing.

As I was trying to speed shop, an older man in his 60s asked me what I thought of the death of Michael Jackson. We then engaged in a short (but meaningful) dialogue in french about what a great artist he was and how there will never be another like him. So, what are your top 5 favorite MJ songs?

Sitting in the smoke-filled lobby of our hotel reminds me (and my lungs) of this great poster that is now circulating around the university in Ifran. It basically translates as, "If you're going to smoke you might as well hang yourself." Here is a pic of that poster:

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