Saturday, June 27, 2009

In Morocco Life is More Than Half Full

From Friday June 26

I'm in Meekness which is quite a tourist city. It has a beautiful mosque with impressive mosaic and wonderfully structured architecture in the arched shapes of doorways. The smells of the city and sounds and sights including the colorful people made it a very pleasant and educational day trip. It left me wanting to learn more of the life of the probably million people in this city. As I began to retire to the end of my busy day, I heard upbeat dance sounds from outside the hotel window. I looked out and my attention was drawn up to a beautiful half moon sitting perfectly between two tree branches. I was reminded that this is the same moon that will be over my house tonight. I sighed and felt fortunate that my life is more than half full. Needless to say... I went back outside to see a bit of night life.

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