Thursday, June 25, 2009

My Focus

Before I came to Morroco, I knew I wanted to focus on Moroccan emmigration to the EU and African immigration into Morocco. I am primarily interested on this dynamic of globalization and how it is impacting both Morocco and some European Union countries. I teach a unit on globalization in my economics class where I explore immigration issues in Costa Rica, the US and Mexico, Germnay, Korea and Japan. I am finding that the more Morocco involves itself in free trade, the more multinationals are investing in Moroccan infrasrurce. I am reserching the role of immigration and how this byproduct of globalization is impacting all countries involved. Morocco's economy is heavily based in agriculture. I wonder how this will affect domestic consumption of goods as Morocco's trade partners demand more inexpensive vegetables and other products.

I am also looking at the role of remittances. Like in Mexico, remittances are second only to tourism in raising revenue for the state. I wonder if this is a viable plan for the future. With Moroccos' vast Sahara region, why has it not tapped into producing solar energy for itself and for export?

I am looking to learn more about Morocco's public policies and how these issues are being addressed. Is France and Belgium in particular benefitting with the 5-8 million Moroccans? What immigration policies are being devised to deal with this pressing issue? I hope to come closer to a conclusion before my stay is over.

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