Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Medina vs. Mega Mall

Malls are never fun as they seem. Void of any characters, they are concrete structures with cookie-cutter stores and pretentious sale persons. If you have seen one mall, you have seen them all!!! Same shoe stores, same clothing shops, same food court, and the same consumers trying to fill their emotional void with materialistic and superficial things.

During my last weekend in Rabat, Moroccan friends of mine took me to the only western style mall in Rabat called “Mega Mall.” (Yes, that is the real name of the mall) He told me that there is a bigger version of it in Casablanca. As I walked through each floor of this mall, past the bowling alley, past the ice skating rink, and the food court, I was disgusted with what I saw. I travel so that I can get away from places like this.

I prefer to stroll along the streets in the Medina with the unique shops and one of a kind food stands that does not appeal to the masses. I enjoy mingling with the locals who are not dressed up in the latest western fashion styles. When I told my opinion of this to my Moroccan friends who were with me, they responded, “Isn’t that what everyone is aiming for around the world? To live like Americans.” The images that are shown on movies, TV shows, and music videos, the perception of America and it’s economic system are like a mirage. Of course this is just my personal opinion, but the current situation back in the United States proves my point.

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