Saturday, July 9, 2011

Mural at the National Library in Rabat

On the opposite side of the entrance to the National Library in Rabat is a large mural painted on the side of a wall of a large flight of stairs. There were several aspects to this mural that were very interesting for me.

First, the mural was very well created. You could tell that it was professionally done by a great artist. Another interesting aspect to the mural is that it included a large woman's head at the center of the piece. The woman is youthful, and wears the traditional Islamic head covering that many of the women in Morocco wear as a sign of modesty and to associate themselves as fellow Muslim women. Surrounding the woman's head are a variety of geometric patterns and shapes that create more of an abstract look to the mural. But more importantly, there are various letters from both the Arabic alphabet and the Tifinag alphabet that surround the woman.

I believe that the combination of the Arabic script and the Tifinag script (a newly created alphabet to represent the Amazigh languages) is meant to show the unity between the Arab and Amazigh cultures, while the woman herself represents not only the Islamic cuture, but also represents the motherland of Morocco as well.

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